Since 2008 USA is going green !

elec illustration

Much have been said on the oil&gas revolution which is taking place in the USA. Surprisingly much less is heard about another promising trend which is taking place currently. Electricity consumption, the biggest in the world after the chinese one is stable at last after half a century of stunning growth. While coal consumption is decreasing, renewable grow, shale gas explodes. In short, america is going green quickly since 2008.

In effect production peaked in 2007 at 4156745 millions kwh, last year it stood proudly at 4092935 millions kwh. The last issue of Electric Power Monthly (issued by the EIA) show a further slowing of the output march production year to date 2015 being lower than the three first month of 2014 by a small 1,3%.

Such a trend could be understood as a threat for the utilities companies as a slowing market could produce lower sales. Shareholder will be happy to know that turnoever beat the trend with a record level of sales, 389 billions dollars. Producing less is not always a recipe for disaster, probably a question of good planning.

Further more an interesting note come from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, the last monthly bulletin see a small deflation on a yearly base : -0,2 % (CPI for all urban consummers), but electricity utilies shines a s a beacon of hope showing a healthy 3,8% inflation.

To get hints about what is going on it is necessary to go into some details provided by the EIA, in ten years (2003-2013), industrial consummers base is slowly eroding since 2008 (-7% at 743869) while indivudual consummers base grow by 10 millions unit in line with the 20 millions peoples USA gained during that time laps. It’s worth noting that the total direct or indirect consumption by head aggregated is slowly going down since 2007, is that not a good news ?


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